Lightduty Belt Fastener and Tool

Conveyor Belt Fasteners Wire Hook Clippers

Item No.: HK-C-G
Stainless steel belt fastener use for industrial conveyor belts, we have different size of conveyor belt fasteners for types of industrial converyor belts for customer choose.
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Conveyor Belt Fastener Hooks for kinds of industrial light-duty belt, also called staple fastener,belt clippers . Our belt fasteners are welded together via common bar to enhance installation safety and simplify the meshing of belt ends.

This stainless steel belt hooks are for light duty conveyor belts connecting, we have different size belt fastener hooks can match with different thickness belt from 1mm to 10mm, fastener hooks for pvc belt normally are 1mm to 5.5mm, fastener hooks for corrugated box industry is 7mm to 10mm.

Hongkong xinyun are offering kinds of wire fastener clipper can be found on below, we also have complete fastening system of industrial hydraulic fastener install machine, roller lacer and connecting pins.

Model interchange Leg Number Belt Thicness Wire Diameter Number/Box Packing,weight
C-G1#UX1 96pcs 1.5mm-3.0mm
1.0mm,0.040'' 300W*12PC 33cm*6cm*5cm 0.4kg
C-G1#600W 194pcs 1.5mm-3.0mm
1.0mm,0.040'' 600W*12PC 33cm*6cm*5cm 0.9kg
C-G2#/2SP 84pcs 3mm-4mm
1.4mm,0.054'' 300W*12PC 33cm*7cm*6cm 0.7kg
C-G3#/U3 84pcs 4.0mm-5.5mm
1.4mm,0.054'' 300W*12PC 33cm*7cm*6cm 0.75kg
C-G4#/U4 84pcs 5.0mm-6.5mm
1.4mm,0.054'' 300W*12PC 33cm*12cm*6cm 0.8kg
C-G5#/U5 84pcs 6.0mm-8.0mm
1.4mm,0.054'' 300W*12PC 33cm*12cm*6cm 0.9kg
C-G6#/U6U7 84pcs 8.0mm-12.0mm
1.4mm,0.054'' 300W*12PC 33cm*14cm*7cm 1kg