Textile Finishing Felts

Silicone rubber roller / air expanding shaft

Item No.: ET-P1a
We provide this silicone rubber roller and air expanding shaft for different industries, such as sublimation printing, coating machine, packing and so on.
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Silicone Rollers/Core Shafts/Expanding Air Shafts For Hot Stamp, Heat Transfer And Heat Seal 

We provide complete rollers (core plus covering) as well as roller recoats for use in hot stamp, heat transfer and heat seal applications. 

Core Shafts/Expanding Air Shafts for outstanding core gripping in all converting applications  air shafts (air bars) are available in steel, aluminum, for 1” to 6” cores, or more upon request. 

Core shafts are used throughout the converting and packaging industries to unwind and rewind web material. Winding shafts usually expand to grip the inner diameter of a core to help control web tension.

Application markest:
Carton board and paper
Plastic film and textile cloth   

Pneumatic air expanding shaft
Especially for roll to roll sublimation pressing machine to roll paper and fabric, for convenient to replace them.
Also suitable for textile dyeing and finishing, printing, coating, papermaking and other industries.
Size: customized, usual width: 1800mm/2000mm/2200mm...