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Meltblown Nonwovens Conveyor belt For Medical Mask Cloth

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Meltblown Nonwovens Conveyor belt For Medical Mask Cloth

Meltblown Nonwovens are used in areas Medical mask cloth,
hygiene products. Air-permeable, woven conveyor belts made of synthetics, metal and material combinations are used for forming, bonding and drying nonwovens.

According to the characteristics of the melt-blown industry, meltblown polyester conveyor mesh belt play a key role in the formation of fabric, high-permeability circular weaving and effective discharge of static electricity allow extruded and disentangled fibers to be distributed on the mesh belt, mesh belt is not afraid of high temperature solution spray, and have strong peelability, plaques are easy to clean.

Woven Mesh belt  is Laterally stable conveyor belts with optimal running propertie
Transporting, Sieving, Drying, Pressing,antistatic, cleanable, flexible