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Flatwork Ironer Felts Laundry Padding

Item No.: L-010
Ironer laundry padding consists of Nomex and polyester, there are several types: 100%Polyester ironer padding, 100%nomex ironer padding, 50%nomex and 50%polyester ironer padding, therefore the densities are different.
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Laundry Ironer padding also called ironer felt cater for all kinds of ironer machine temperature. Tailor-made high strength base cloth and choose good material is needled by heavy machinery and on high temperature heat setting finishing .Our padding raw material is from DuPont.

Material are durable, small shrinkaging rate, breathe freely, anti decomposition, for all flax type to result on excellent ironing , which is suitable for the flatwork rollers that use steam, gas and oil heating medium.

L-011 100% Polyester Padding is suitable for steam ironer heating process, 100% special polyester fiber and 200gr/m2 companion scrims, our polyester ironer felt weight 1000gr/m2 which is suitable for pressure less than 8 bar and temperature lower than 160 °c.

L-012 50% Nomex and 50% Polyester Ironing Felt is suitable for the steaming machine whose pressure is up to 8 bar to 10 bar.If the working temperature is under 190°c, it can use for like boiler that uses steam, electricity and gas.

L-013 100% Nomex Felt is suitable for gas heating process (gas-fired boiler), the temperature is up to 200°c-260°c which is combined of 100% aramid fiber and companion scrims, our nomex ironer padding weight is 800gr/m2 to 850gr/m2.

L-014 4000gsm Monoturn Ironer Padding One Wrap Felts  are the thick needled felts thickness about 18mm to 22mm, weight from 4000gr/m2 to 4200gr/m2, it is applied in one turn on top of the individual springs of heated chest ironers, our one turn ironer padding are suitable for a variety of commercial ironer machine brands. It is made of 100% polyester , meta-nomex/polyester , 100% nomex(aramid).

Available Ironer padding felts: JENSEN ironer padding, LAPAUW ironer padding, Primus ironer felt, Alliance ironer padding, Kannegiesser ironer padding, Image ironer padding,BMM ironer padding,IPSO ironer felt, etc.

Item No.     Ironer Padding type Weight/m2

Working temperature Ironer heating medium Other Called
L-011 100%Polyester ironing padding
1000gsm Below 160°c steam heating ironer Ironing felt, ironing blanket,
Flatwork ironing padding
50%Nomex 50%polyester ironing pading
Around 190°c
steam, electricity and gas heating ironer
100%Nomex ironing padding
 800gsm to 850gsm
Around 200°c-260°c
oil heating ironer
Thick monotonous ironing padding
4000gsm to 6000g/m2
According to material
  20mm ironing padding