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Flatwork Ironer Felts Laundry Padding

Item No.: L-010
Ironer laundry padding consists of Nomex and polyester, there are several types: 100%Polyester ironer padding, 100%nomex ironer padding, 50%nomex and 50%polyester ironer padding, therefore the densities are different.
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Laundry Ironer padding also called ironer felt cater for all kinds of ironer machine temperature. Tailor-made high strength base cloth and choose good material is needled by heavy machinery and on high temperature heat setting finishing .

Our padding raw material is from DuPont, material are durable, small shrinkaging rate, breathe freely, anti decomposition, for all flax type to result on excellent ironing , which is suitable for the flatwork rollers that use steam, gas and oil heating medium.

100% Polyester Padding is suitable for steam ironer heating process, 100% special polyester fiber and 200gr/m2 companion scrims, our polyester ironer felt weight 1000gr/m2 which is suitable for pressure less than 8 bar and temperature lower than 160 °c.

50% Nomex and 50% Polyester Ironing Felt is suitable for the steaming machine whose pressure is up to 8 bar to 10 bar.If the working temperature is under 190°c, it can use for like boiler that uses steam, electricity and gas.

100% Nomex Felt is suitable for gas heating process (gas-fired boiler), the temperature is up to 200°c-260°c which is combined of 100% aramid fiber and companion scrims, our nomex ironer padding weight is 28OZ ( 800g).

PTFE Aramid fabric felt for ironing,PTFE is extremely chemically resistant and abrasion resistant, ideal for high-quality ironing machine equips, 800 g/m² PTFE/aramide consists of PTFE fabric above and the 100% aramide base fabric. Steel-gray surface    
extension of the service life. Insensitive to dirt, particularly chemically resistant in the acid and alkaline range, self-contained lubrication reduces the use of wax powder, reduction of roller friction in the chest.
Width: 3.3m,3.6, 3.8m, 4.0m, 4.3, ect. 
Length: Cut as required
Weight: 800g/m2 

4000gr/m2 to 4200gr/m2 (one turn) monoturn Ironer Padding One Wrap Felts  are the thick needled felts thickness about 18mm to 22mm, weight from 4000gr/m2 to 4200gr/m2, it is applied in one turn on top of the individual springs of heated chest ironers, our one turn ironer padding are suitable for a variety of commercial ironer machine brands. It is made of 100% polyester , meta-nomex/polyester , 100% nomex(aramid).

Available Ironer padding felts: JENSEN ironer padding, LAPAUW ironer padding, Primus ironer felt, Alliance ironer padding, Kannegiesser ironer padding, Image ironer padding,BMM ironer padding,IPSO ironer felt, etc.

Item No.     Ironer Padding type Weight/m2

Working temperature Ironer heating medium Other Called
L-011 100%Polyester ironing padding
1000gsm Below 160°c steam heating ironer Ironing felt, ironing blanket,
Flatwork ironing padding
50%Nomex 50%polyester ironing pading
Around 190°c
steam, electricity and gas heating ironer
100%Nomex ironing padding
 28OZ (800g)
200°c to 260°c oil heating ironer
L-013 PTFE PTFE aramid ironer felt  28OZ (800g)
Thick (one turn)
monotonous ironing padding

4000gsm to 6000g/m2
(arond 20mm-22mm)
According to material
  20mm ironing padding