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Polyester Sprial Mesh Belts Drying Belts

Item No.: E-011
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Mesh belt Process Belt, plat mesh belt and high temperature mesh belt.

Spiral mesh belts ideal processing belts for cleaning, drying, process belts purposes for dewatering, pressing, filtering, seprating, drying, cooling, polyester mesh belts are also used to emboss wood, for heat treatment, and in the textile and nonwovens industry, drying textile printing cloth and papermaking, decorative material, coating and laminating, filter industry conveying and wash belts, arificial board factory net, the food drying, the material selection, environmental protection and other industry.

Mesh Belts – Polyester Monofilament process conveyor belting is available in a wide variety of yarn thicknesses and apertures. 

Our process belts made from synthetics, Polyester material are produced on looms and spiral machines. 

— Spiral Belts for dewatering, drying, screening and filtration:
 The spiraled continuous screens are manufactured from round
Depending on the requirement, produce the seamless belts filled or unfilled and with antistatic.

—Woven Mesh Belts Synthetic mesh belts are suitable for virtually all industrial processes. 
They are matched precisely to the respective application in terms of their material  (polyester, PPS,  or metal ) and weave. 

Polyester mesh belting is caracterised by high reliability, easy handling, thermal and chemical resistance coupled with dimensional stability.
1) Excellent chemical, thermal and high permeability for ease of cleaning.
2) Food approval
3) Working temperature:   to -160°C