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Endless Tobacco Tape Cigarette Belt

Item No.: D-050
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Endless Garniture Tape/ Tobacco Belts/ Suction Tapes

Garniture tapes for tobacco machine also called cigarette tapes. Garniture tapes and Suction tapes are processing belts conveying the bales, to preparing the tobacco and producing the cigarettes.

*Garniture tapes are made of Kevlar (Aramid) as prime raw materials, special kind of Cigarette tapes /Tobacco tape with a surface coat to suit any working conditions accross the globe for the optimum performance of the cigarette machine. Garniture Tapes in From 1200 to 6000 millimeters in length, from 10 to 60 millimeters in width and thickness between 0.48 to 0.70 millimeters.

* Suction tapes is polyester Material  . are excellent surface textures and good air permeability,available in varous of size.
We manufacture suction tapes in lengths of 1000 to 12,000 millimeters and widths of 6 to 50 millimeters.