Laundry Ironer Accessories

Laundry Ironer Feeding Polyester Belt

Item No.: L-050
100% Polyester feeding belt convey the cloth into the ironer, We have two types of feeding belts: general feeding belt and perforated feeding belt.
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Laundry Ironer Polyester Feeding Belt is using on cloths move into the flatwork ironer, which made of density 1200g 100% polyester and needled by heavy machinery and finalized the design by high temperature,  and wear-resisting.

Our polyester feeding belt can offer 50mm-300mm, length: 20meter/roll or connected by clippers(hook).We have two types of Ironer feeder band for choose: general needle feeding belt and perforated feeding belt.

L-051 Polyester feeder belt--100% polyester with density 1200g,with stainless metal hook and pins.

L-052 Vacuum feeding belt (Perforated feeding belts)--100% Polyester needled with special finishing and heat setting.

L-053 Pressing roller cloth--polyester,thickness from 2mm to 15mm is available.