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Flatwork Ironer Wax Laundry Powder Wax

Item No.: L-071
Laundry Flatwork Ironer Wax is used for lubricating and protecting the ironing machine tank. We have two types. One is particle power wax, another is flake power wax.
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Laundry Flatwork Ironer Wax, we have particle ironer powder wax and flake ironer wax, are used for lubricating and protecting the ironing machine groove, which ensures that there is no static after ironing and cloth pass the flatwork ironer machine smoothly.

Type: particle, flake
Working temperature: 130-180°

Below are 
Cleaning wax cloth and wax instructions step:

1. Replace all damaged broken guide tapes.

2. Switch the device to "waxing mode" or speed to 5m/min.

3. Be sure to turn off the fan of the device.

4. Set the ironing machine and folding machine to the "idle" mode, making sure that there is no any cloth on working.

5. Put the stainless steel conditioning cloth first have rust stains or grime; if not, please ignore this step.

6. Then put the wax cloth correctly (steel facing up); and evenly put 125mL of wax powder in the interval of the wax cloth.

L-072 Ironer Wax Cloth / B-073 Stainless steel conditioning cloth

It can clean groovesurface and wax once completed with the special cleaning wax cloth with metal wire mesh.

Usage: Cleaning the dirt or rust from the roller and make it lubrify,
 to improve working efficient.
Specification: With the stainless steel wire
Item No. Name Size
L-072 Ironer wax cloth,wax cleaning padding 2.3m*2.9m
L-073 Stainless steel conditioning cloth 1.7m*1.55m