Textile Finishing Felts

Tannery Felts Sammying Felt Endless

Item No.: ET-T8
Sammying machine felts, leather ironing felt, Felt sleeve for leather eliminate water, Embossing felt pads for hydraulic presses,
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Tannery Felts, Leather Felt,Sammying Machine Felts,Embossing Machine Felt /Ironing & Embossing felts are also called needle and woollen sleeves pads and tannery belts.

During this final process,hot cylinders or plates give to the hide the requested pattern or effect.

They are for tannery ironing, during the ironing and embossing through feed process, the hides are conveyed on the felt and then go through the cylinder under high pressure in order to provide the final look and touch to the skin.

Our tannery felts can be used for all brand ironning and embossing machines for to iron sheepskin and cattlehide.

Sammying felts or Wringer felts
In a tannery, the sammying machines (Wringers) take out from the hides its surplus of water and fats.

Material: 100% Synthetic fibres or 30% wool & 70% synthetic fibres
Density: 10000gr/m2 to 12000gr/m2
Thickness: 18mm to 20mm
Ironing embossing felts
Material: 70% wool - 50% synthetic fibres
Density: 6000g/m2 – 9000g/m2
Thickness: 11mm – 14mm
Felt sleeve for eliminate water
Embossing felt pads for hydraulic presses
100% wool felt sheets are used to benefit from this property for ironning, pressing and printing, the standard thickness is 20mm.