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Conveyor Belt Fastener Clipper Belt Hooks

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Hongkong Xinyun offers a variety of conveyor belt fasteners, splicing tools and lacing supplies to assist with your belt replacements and repairs.

It is very import to choose the right one belt fasteners for your belts, industrial conveyor belts distinguish from light duty and heavy duty belts, here we introduce which number belt hook is suitable for your light duty conveyor belts. Our belt fastener hooks can supply to food grade belts such like conveyor vegetables,fruits,rices,noodles; cargo conveyor belts, corrugated box ect. Those conveyor belts could choose from our number C-G Industry belt wire hooks. according to the belt thickness and pull to find from our list.

We have two installation tool for industrial belt fasteners, one is 300mm width hydraulic pump fastener machine 300mm width which is the economy, it is more suitable as small number of belts maintenance tool. Another is the roller lacer which is same standard of Flexco brand, we have full set of inserts (mould) size of 350mm,600mm,900mm,120mm,1500mm.

Our conveyor belt hooks are welded metal bar lacing is more durable and easier to install than cardboard sheet lacing. Each hook is welded to the steel bar. Use on flat conveyors.

Filter belt fasteners wire hooks are flat or round, flat wire hooks can keep smooth and same thinkness with the conveyor belts. The legs of Filter belt wire hooks will more than above industry belt wire hooks, can be more stretching resistance. To know more from our list of HK-C-L Filter Belt Wire Hooks.

We can offer kinds of Laundry Belt Fasteners, they are needle ironer belt fastener clipper, feeding belt clipper hooks,folder cotton belt fasteners,pvc belt hooks,rubber belt fasteners,ironer woven lacing fastener Ect. For convenient customer install laundry belting, our own design hydraulic pump laundry belt machine and Pedal electric installation machine.

Alligator Conveyor Belt Lacing is easy installed by hand using a hammer or by roller lacer, It is commonly used to install a new conveyor belt or repair an existing belt on powered conveyors in packaging, agricultural, recycling, and scrap handling applications. These mechanical fasteners connect the ends of the belt, and they allow the belt to be installed on the conveyor without having to disassemble the conveyor system, which minimizes downtime for the conveyor.

MR fastener/RS fastener also named Alligator staple conveyor belt lacing consists of conjoined plates that are fastened to the ends of a conveyor belt with staples to provides a strong connection. Alligator staple lacing requires special tools to install which we could offer also called MR fastener machine. It is commonly used to make a new conveyor belt or repair an existing belt on powered conveyors in packaging, agricultural, recycling, and scrap handling applications. 

Polyester Spiral Joint fasteners also named polyester Spiral Lacing, it is nomally used on polyester spiral mesh belt or needle fabric, be widely used in food industry. Polyester sprial lacing come with the cloth, easy to be sewn