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NEW Non-Slip Rubber Cotton Belt For Laundry Flatwork Ironer Folder

New-type of Rubber Cotton Belt For Ironer Folder. Hongkong XinYun always on the way for research and development new products and improve quality, here would like to recommend our new type rubber cotton anti-slip belt for commercial laundry ironer folder part.

On the basis of the original one of rubber cotton non-skid belt, we changed the structure of non -slip rubber wire from exposed to the inherent. Why change this is very important, the old version of the non -slip rubber wire is exposed much, it is easy to damage and break while running, this new type rubber cotton belt of inherent non -slip wire which be protected that being longer working life, thinking that you are worried about the non-slip result, after our many times testing and our customers trial, the effect of non-slip that is the new non -slip rubber cotton belt is working on flatwork ironer folding which is better than the old one. 

And the New Non -Slip Rubber Cotton folder belt is applied a stronger and more tough anti -slip wires, it is longer life span that is greatly reduce go-backs and downtime for maintenance while also preventing premature belt failure. In addition, we add the anti-static material, working is better. This new type of non-skid rubber cotton belt is just a little more expensive than the old model, but it is will be within your acceptance. If you are also interested, please welcome to contact us immediately.

Why choose the new type of the Rubber Cotton Folder Belt:

1. On the old one of the rubber cotton belt, customers occasionally faced the worn of non-slip rubber wire that have to replace the new belt, but the new type rubber cotton belt can greatly reduce the non-slip rubber wire break, improve efficiency and save costs.

2. More tough and strong non -slip rubber wires are more durable.

3.Special structures are more stable to avoid shrink and be out of shape.

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