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Tool For Laundry Ironer Guide Tape Connecting Machine

   Our New Design Of Suture Tool For Laundry Ironer Guide Tape, it is an intelligent way to secure the guide tape and sloved guide tape connecting headache problem. Our connecting machine for fixing guide tape working fast, convenient and light, making ironer guide tape smooth and strong when working on commercial flatwork ironer, longer life time to save material. 

   Our Suture tool for laundry guide tape suitable for joint of 100%nomex (aramid) guide tape, polyester guide tape and nomex polyester guide tape. We match with nomex or polyester thread, it is work with battery or plug in, below video was we  we finished all guide tape connect for several of our customer’s ironer.

   As we know customers' method most are tied up or use ultrasonic wedler(Japan brand),  tie-up guide tape being waste materil, 
easy bokern and working bounce. Ultrasonic wedler is expensive and just only for polyester material, but our secure the guide tape can solve all above problem.  

Favorable price will be accpeted by every laundry factory.

The advantage of our Ironer guide tape suture tool :

1, Lower cost: the cost of our suture machine for guide tape is about one-twentieth of the ultrasonic welding machine. Small budget for any laundry factory, large-scale or small laundry service,maintenance team.

2, Stronger and longer working life: Stitching is stronger than ultrasonic welding machine, guide tape without any damage which will working longer time.

3, Usage widely: We can offer nomex or ployester thread, any material of laundry guide tape can be connected, including the nomex tape, but the ultrasonic welding machine only can use on polyester tape.

4, Safety and convenient: Our stitching tool for ironer guide tape is safer and more convenient than the ultrasonic welding machine, everybody can operation, and the light 

5, Highly cost effective:  Not need professional person, everyone can handle and save labor, fast finishing working.