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Sanforizing endless felt for Palmer machine

The purpose of Sanforizing machine is to pre-shrink, in order to make the cotton cloth especially denim fabric stable so that not easy to shrink during the garment making process.

Hongkong Xinyun Industrial Felting providing endless felt for this sanfor machine, the material can be customized as your request.It will depend on your purpose of using and working temperature.
Sanforizing endless felt specification can check below blank for reference:
Material Weight
Thickness Width Length
100% polyester 2300 - 4200 6 - 12mm Max.3550mm Max.60m
Nomex mix Polyester
Polyester + Acrylic

Our sanforizing felts can be used on different brand of machine, such as Monforts, Cibitex, Yamuna, Bisio, Sperotto, Morrison, Muzzi, Brückner, Daroitex, Paganini.....
We not only provide this decatizing endless felt for Palmer unit, but also can provide some other matching textile endless felt for textile machinery, such as compacting machine felt, endless felt for calender machine, shrinkable felt sleeve, etc.

ET-C4 Compacting Felts                                   ET-C5 Calender Felts                                      ET-H7 Shrink felt sleeve

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